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Commercial Services Guardtek Systems
Commercial Services
An interruption to your business could be very costly, having a Guardtek system designed and installed to protect your office, warehouse, or retail location combined with 24/7 monitoring from our ULC monitoring station will help reduce your risks. System designs included perimeter, interior, Holdup and critical conditions monitoring, integrated with restricted access and video surveillance systems.

Intrusion Detection and Control Systems
Guardtek can help protect your assets, facilities and employees

• Intrusion detection systems
• Panic and Hold Up monitoring
• Fire Panel Monitoring
• Sprinkler System Monitoring
• Environmental Monitoring

Video surveillance CCTV systems
Guardtek can design and install a system that can help you see your facility without being there. Our systems help reduce false alarms and provide your employees a sense of comfort when working hours. With a Guardtek Video surveillance solution you can:

• View live video or recorded clips of stockrooms, POS terminals, confidential data areas, customer traffic and more.
• Use your computer or smartphone to remotely control or view your cameras.
• Enable motion-triggered events and receive email or text message alerts when video is recorded.
• Use video analytics to get data on customer traffic, purchase habits, sales patterns and other information that can improve your business operations.
• Allow Remote view in of video with an incoming intrusion alarm by our 24/7 Monitoring center
• Network IP video solutions
• Low to high end cameras and PTZ domes
• Interactive remote managed video solutions

Our video surveillance solutions work seamlessly with our portfolio of commercial security products and services.
Residential Services Guardtek Systems
Residential Services
Intrusion, Fire and Carbon Monoxide
Sounding an alarm, sending help to your door. It’s always comforting knowing that someone you trust is looking out for you. That’s just what you have with a professionally installed and monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide protection from Guardtek Systems. Our security professionals will design a custom security system to meet your needs, maximizing your protection while meeting your lifestyle and budget. Should an emergency occur, an alarm sounds and at the same time, our 24/7 Monitoring Centre operators are immediately notified so they can send help.
True peace of mind when you need it!

Intrusion Alarm Features
• Easy-to-use control panels with the latest keypad technology
• Wireless keypads and key fobs so you can control your alarm system from anywhere inside or near your house.
• Motion sensors, door/window contacts and glass break detectors that trigger an audible alarm to ward off intruders.
• Smart home interactive mobile solutions that allow you arm and disarm your system and get notifications on your computer or smartphone.
• Cellular back-up or primary monitoring

Fire Alarm Features
• Smoke detector and CO detectors connected to a control panel help optimize your fire and life safety protection.
• Monitored smoke detectors save precious seconds in the event of a fire.
• In addition to an audible alarm, our 24/7 Monitoring Center is alerted to immediately dispatch help, even when you’re not home.

Carbon Monoxide Solutions
Carbon monoxide can rise to dangerous levels without you knowing causing sickness for you and your loved ones. A monitored CO detector can protect you and your pets when you are not home.
• Monitored carbon monoxide detectors placed strategically throughout your home can detect toxic carbon monoxide levels so occupants can quickly evacuate.
• Our Monitoring Centre staff is immediately notified so they can contact you or send help if needed.
Card Access Systems  Guardtek Systems
Card Access Systems
Commercial card access systems are used as a first line of defense to help keep unauthorized personnel out of your premises. Controlling sensitive areas within your business is critical to your safety and success. A well designed electronic access control system is scalable and can be integrated into other security measures such as intrusion, video surveillance and fire systems. The access control software is easy to use and allows you to easily administer the system, issue new cards, and provide a photo badge solution. In addition to customized reporting and event notification services, our systems are IP ready and include encryption to provide a high level of security.

Access control products and services include:
• Swipe readers
• Proximity readers
• Biometric readers
• Multi technology readers
• Request to exits
• Photo identification systems
• Interface with most video systems
• Integrated intercom and access systems
• Time and Attendance

Guardtek offers three levels of access control services to help meet your business requirements and budget

Traditional Solution – We will design install and provide you with all the equipment and training to help you manage the access system

Hosted Solution – This is a web based system that enables you to remotely control single or multiple sites in real time. Scalable from just a single door to a full enterprise system

Managed Solution – When managing your own card access system becomes a challenge and may be costly in terms of equipment, manpower, maintenance and training. A managed and hosted access control system by Guardtek allows you to focus on other areas of your business while our experts handle all aspects of your access system. We can maintain, administer and host your system, eliminating the costly expense of equipment, training and administration.